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Travel Jumpstart Kit



GreenStuff – Natural ingredients gently clean the skin without stripping its natural emulsifiers. A greaseless cleanser that lifts deep pore impurities and traces of makeup. It contains no detergents and doubles as shaving gel and eye make-up remover.

Splash – This gentle alcohol free toner protects and calms normal and over sensitive skin. It equalizes the level of moisture and sebum to restore natural pH Balance. The combined action of Ginseng’s nourishing vitamins and hormone content with Chamomile extract has been clinically proven to act as an anti-inflammatory with repair properties.

LaterAlligator – Very hydrating and lightweight, this cream contains grape seed oil and Vitamin C, which are very powerful antioxidants. They provide the ultimate anti-aging protection from devastating and aging effects of free radicals. Skin will be smoother and firmer and complexion even toned. Aids in the repair of sun damaged skin.

Sunshield – This maximum protection formula shields your skin against sun aging, skin cancer and other harmful effects of the sun while moisturizing your skin.

NittyGritty – This highly effective formula polishes skin with Aluminum Oxide crystals, which are the same crystals used for microdermabrasion. It is very beneficial for maintaining a microdermabrasion treatment for a longer period of time, or it can be used without microdermabrasion treatments to receive a very desirable effect.


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