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Travel Anti-Acne Survival Kit



CleansZit – Effectively removes excess oil, environmental impurities and makeup. A mild anti-bacterial gel designed with amino acids and anti-inflammatory properties. Revitalizes and restores a healthy appearance to the skin.This is an essential part to your anti-acne skin care program.

ToneZit – This reviving formula offers antiseptic properties, which help soften the epidermis, clear clogged follicles and regulate the activity of sebaceous glands. Controls excess oiliness and prevents accumulation of impurities in the epidermis.

MaskZit – Treat oil or acne-prone skin with this normalizing mask. The purifying and cleansing properties of Camphor help stabilize sebaceous gland activity, while sulfur aides in dissolving the Keratin buildup of the epidermis. This combination helps clear up and minimize clogged pores and dries out pimples.

ControlZone – This very effective creme contains Sage Extract, which has astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.Combined with Watercress Extract to reduce oil production and Vitamin A Palmitate to keep skin soft and plump.

ScrubZit – This very effective gentle, formula polishes the skin with aluminum oxide crystals. Pineapple enzyme dissolves Keratin.



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